To ensure that sensitive metal items never enter the open market we provide a Secure Destruction service.

Items destroyed so they never enter the open market

We are the only scrap metal dealer in the UK that are FACT (Federation against Copyright Theft) accredited. Further accreditations from a range of organisations including ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 prove beyond all doubt that we are delivering high quality, secure processes and solutions.

FACT Audit

We have high levels of security guaranteed to safeguard your items, our comprehensive site audit covers key areas including:

  • Network Security
  • Site Security
  • Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Digital Security
  • Audit Trails
  • Staff Vetting and Training
  • Entry Systems for Visitors

Best Practice

Your materials should be unidentifiable, it is as simple as that. We guarantee this.

Our Hertfordshire site has a range of complex machines to destroy your products. We partner with a number of high profile companies ensuring their sensitive assets are destroyed beyond all recognition. We have been audited by some of the countries toughest security systems and have always had an excellent result.


Your audit trail is essential and we will tailor make it for you; You can choose to deliver your materials to us including remaining on site to witness the process first hand. Alternatively we can collect from you on our vehicle fleet.

Our Vehicle Fleet

Secure vehicle fleet

To guarantee security our fully uniformed drivers can collect your materials on our vehicles; please note we only collect by appointment and will never turn up unannounced. Most importantly the lorries have on board 360 degree CCTV, panic buttons and satellite tracking. Security containers with lids that can be locked are provided for you. Smartwater labelling is used on the containers to deter metal thieves along with uniquely identifiable security tags.

Security is our highest priority – it really is at the heart of all our systems and processes.

Certificates of Secure Destruction

After your materials arrive at our State of the Art Stevenage site they will be destroyed in a timeframe and by a method that has been previously agreed with you. Certificates of Secure Destruction and video evidence are provided. Alternatively you may choose to attend site with your sensitive items to witness the destruction first hand.

Tailor Made Services

We will tailor make a secure destruction process for your product recalls or returns, out of date, damaged or obsolete items. This can include a full site audit to satisfy your security team.

To summarise, you can rest assured that your confidential or sensitive waste is securely destroyed in a highly controlled and vetted environment.

Our Accreditations