Scrap Metal Bins and Skips

Scrap metal is an asset for your business, so containment facilities and collection should be at the heart of your working processes, especially in manufacturing. To ensure that collection and containment runs as efficiently and seamlessly as possible, Alchemy Metals designs and manufactures its own scrap metal bins.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do, so we have a specialist team whose job it is to manufacture and maintain our scrap metal bins, stillages and sealed stillages. They ensure that they are clean and regularly spray painted, so when they arrive at your site you can feel confident that they are in the best possible condition.

Whatever size or type of scrap metal bin you require, they will be delivered and collected by our own fleet. When we collect your full containers, we will exchange them with replacements at the same time. Our larger scrap metal bins and skips have forklift guides to ensure safe, secure movement around your site and many are stackable, to help keep their footprint to a minimum.

Security is always one of our most important considerations, because of the threat of metal theft. All of our scrap metal bins are lidded, lockable and SmartWater labelled, to help deter theft. Further, we can provide security tags to allow you to ‘lock’ the container at your works to ensure secure transportation. Each security tag has its own special number to allow it to be tracked from door to door.

Sealed scrap metal bins are available for the effective containment and transport of fluids and solutions. They are regularly leak tested to guarantee performance. In addition, our stillages are fitted with drainage taps to allow for effective recycling of coolants.


Type 4 Storage Solution
Type 8 Stillage Storage Solution
Type 14 Storage Solution
Type 12 Storage Solution
Type R Storage Solution
Sheet Bin Storage Solution

Skips and Ro Ros

12 CUYD Security Skip Storage Solution
123 CUYD Skip Storage Solution
20 CUYD Security Skip Storage Solution
20 CUYD Skip Storage Solution
20 CUYD Roro Storage Solution


5L Carbide Container Storage Solution
5 L Carbide Caddy Storage Solution
25 L Carbide Station Storage Solution
12 L Carbide Caddy Storage Solution
205 L Drum Storage Solution
Drum Dolly Storage Solution
Dolav Bin Storage Solution
Dolly Storage Solution

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