Crime Threat – Metal Theft

Nicola Guest, marketing manager at scrap metal merchant Alchemy Metals UK, warns manufacturers to secure their premises as metal theft soars to epidemic proportions costing UK industry an estimated £1 billion annually.

Published : 9 Nov 2011 in The Manufacturer. The original Article can be seen here

The increase in the value of metal and the ease with which 'scrap' can be disposed of has contributed greatly to the rise in metal theft.

It is vital that businesses with even small amounts of metals review their security and storage arrangements.

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Action Against Metal Theft Media Coverage

Alchemy Metals Ltd recieved a lot of media attention this week in relation to the Action Against Metal Theft initiative. Please take a look at one of the video's below:

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Alchemy Metals is the first metal merchant in the UK to start a new audit trail that is aimed at tackling metal theft.

The audit system takes no more than 15-20 minutes from point of entering the site to when the client exits, it is affordable and effective.

Alchemy Metals recently hosted a meeting demonstrating the new audit system and discussed metal theft with key organisations, including British Transport Police, BT, the Energy Networks Association (ENA), Network Rail and English Heritage.

Chris Hearn, Detective Sergeant, Lead Detective on metal theft at British Transport Police, who has been working on the issue of metal theft for several years, said: "Having spent time looking at the processes in place at Alchemy it is clear to me that they have considerably enhanced the ability of law enforcement agencies to identify, deter and prosecute criminals and interdict in their activities. They have raised the bar within their industry and sent a clear message out to all that may be considering or are involved in metal theft".

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Secom Plc have made the finals of the 2011 Security Excellence Awards with the Alchemy Metals installation

Secom Plc have made the finals of the 2011 Security Excellence Awards with the Alchemy Metals installation.

Philip Newman, Alchemy's Managing Director says '"we are delighted that Secom have been selected with our installation as finalists of the Security Excellence Awards – Alchemy are at the forefront in terms of security, this is matched with our service in general, Alchemy only purchase 'ethically' sourced metals, publicity around incidents of metal theft is at an all time high and the need for high levels of security and traceability where waste metals are handled and purchased is imperative".

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Secom solutions protect high-value metal scrap facility

High-value and 'sensitive' metal scrap enjoys extensive round-the-clock electronic security at a Hertfordshire-based specialist dealer's new processing facility. Alchemy Metals has invested in monitored CCTV and intruder detection solutions from leading provider Secom plc as part of the upgrade needed to protect its new Stevenage site adequately.

CCTV cameras continuously watch the site perimeter and building interiors, instantly alerting operators at Secom's Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) if there is movement on site after hours. The intruder detection system – including acoustic sensor cables and PIR sensors – provides additional protection. The Secom systems operate alongside biometric access controls and high-security perimeter fencing.

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