Alchemy Metals Ltd on BBC News : July 13th 2012

Metal theft can have a devastating impact on communities causing major disruption to train services, operations in hospital cancelled or war memorials desecrated. The government is to discuss tougher laws in an attempt to stamp it out in England and Wales. A total of 300 tonnes of metal are stolen every week in the UK and in some areas it accounts for 1 in ten of all crimes.

Tim Muffett reports.

This report features Nicola Guest, Marketing Manager of Alchemy Metals Ltd

Secom team up with Alchemy Metals Ltd

With metal theft reaching epidemic proportions, a leading electronic security solutions provider has teamed up with a prominent metals dealer to deliver some of the highest levels of protection yet in the metals reprocessing 

"We regularly hear of disruption on the railways because vital cables have been stolen for scrap copper, of lead sheeting being stripped from church roofs, and of police raids on unscrupulous merchants," says Alan Blake, Sales and Marketing Director at Secom plc. "Such events underline the high value of non-ferrous metals – and their ready marketability, especially at the hands of 'no questions asked' dealers.

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