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With the arrival of the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act in December 2013, manufacturers across the UK have been getting to grips with effective management of their metals waste.

The recycling of carbide, high speed steels, tool steels, sludges, slurries and powders scrap is a key area that is often overlooked; A new partnership has been launched between Cromwell Tools Group and Carbide Recycling, a division of Alchemy Metals Ltd, offering Cromwell customers a unique, convenient and advantageous way to recycle their carbide and high speed steels scrap metal.

Cromwell Tools Group is the largest British owned industrial distributor of tooling and high speed steels. Carbide Recycling is one of the UK's largest buyers of waste tooling and materials direct from manufacturing companies and tooling suppliers.

In an effort to offer their customers complete control of their carbide scrap and other select metal and powder waste streams, Cromwell, in partnership with Carbide Recycling now offer a number of unique recycling options to their customers, including return to vendor and dedicated lockable containment.

The scheme gives customers a secure system with full traceability and ensures compliance with the legal requirements for disposing of various scrap metal waste streams, at the same time it enhances their environmental profile; of particular importance if ISO 14001 approved and seeking closed loop efficiencies.

To facilitate the scheme Cromwell customers will be offered a vending returns scrap bin as part of their vending solutions programme – for existing customers a simple software update will ensure that their carbide scrap is traded back to the vendor in exchange for new tooling.

This new initiative further demonstrates both Cromwell's and Alchemy's commitment to good environmental practice.

A less talked about problem in manufacturing is the common theft of carbide scrap by employees from their employer. Whilst metal theft has been declining externally, manufacturing companies continue to suffer, in particular with internal metal theft. Companies can help themselves by ensuring the effective management of their metals waste and by only selling their scrap into companies who meet the minimum operating standards of traceability.

Waste Hierarchy is designed to reduce our environmental impact and make more sustainable use of the waste that is produced – unfortunately a high percentage of UK engineering companies do not realise the true value of their redundant/scrap carbide, HSS & HSS-Co tooling.

Many companies continue to throw their carbide away or commonly put it into steel scrap bins - Alchemy and Cromwell are committed to educating their customers about the best way in which to reduce their environmental impact and increase revenue by recycling their carbide and tooling through a direct to melt service.

The Waste Hierarchy and Carbide are an area in which the partnership has made a considerable commitment.

Reduce your carbide consumption by buying the most economical product for the job required and use a carbide logging sheet or vendor to control all new tooling with used carbide being exchanged in place.

Reuse your tooling to its maximum potential and where possible on some tooling, reuse by sending the tooling for re-grinding.

Recycle your carbide into the most environmentally friendly route with a direct to melt service.