New £1.6m facility for Alchemy Metals Ltd

Factory only scrap metal specialist, Alchemy Metals recently opened their new waste metals processing facility in Hertfordshire.  The 76,230 sq ft. site offers additional space for Alchemy who continue to grow year on year.

The company has invested heavily in security at its new site, including Biometric (Fingerprint) readers at entrances and exits around the site, state of the art motion control cameras, rooftop lasers and a 7000v ‘Gallagher’ power ‘intelligent’ fence to ensure maximum levels of security at all times.

The company will benefit from 20.000 sq ft of covered warehousing, the walls of which have been lined with ‘Guardwire’ armoured sensor cable and crash barriers.

Alchemys ‘Lindemann’ press has been completely refurbished and is housed in a separate customised building, sitting on a divorced concrete bed on a reformed floor for complete control of cutting fluids.

A further 2 new Scania 28 foot flatbed lorries will join Alchemys fleet, they come complete with tail lift access, satellite tracking and on board CCTV security cameras allowing Alchemy to view their customers materials electronically and of course enhance security on their vehicles.

They have also taken delivery of 5 new Mitsubishi electronic forktrucks which prove more environmentally friendly than their diesel counterparts.

A further Niton XRF alloy analyser will join Alchemys existing spectrometer and niton analyser allowing materials to be processed more quickly and customers can be paid ‘to grade’ for their materials.

Weighing is a key area in the waste metals industry and Alchemy have installed 2 new bridges, the larger is 18m long x 3.2m wide, the second bridge 15m long x 3m wide, the tolerances are excellent with +/-10 kgs being normal compared to the industry standard of +/-30 kgs.  Alchemy will also be working closely with Hertfordshire Police, giving them a local facility to accurately weigh their vehicles.

A separate in house maintenance/spraying centre has been built on site to allow an effective service schedule of the containers that Alchemy loan to customers to store their waste metals in.  Alchemy have worked in partnership with ‘SmartWater’ for some time with all of their containers being labelled accordingly to deter incidents of metal theft.  The new site will have ‘SmartWater’ installed to further enhance its already formidable security systems.

Operations Director, Karen Greasby says ‘scrap metal should very much be treated as a key part of any manufacturers business, Alchemy continue to invest heavily in their future and believe in complete transparency and traceability in every area of the scrap metals sector, the new Southern site will continue to allow us to give our customers a high level service across the board’.